Times They Are A Changin’

Changes are happening for a & c. Some big, some small. Anna just got named principal for the school in which she has been at for the last 5 years. This is HUGE news for us. As most of you know, Anna and I (Chelsea) are sisters-in-law, but also best friends. Anna becoming principal thrills me so because her dreams are coming true, and all of her hard work and ambition are paying off. She will work so hard at making the school better, but even more so at making sure that each child’s life is better from the schooling he/she gets at her campus. Anna totally deserves this, and I couldn’t be happier for her.

So… what does that mean for a & c? Well, a & c will still exist, only with no a. I will continue the business alone. *tear. There are certain things that I need to do to make sure that I don’t run myself ragged since I also have a full time job and write for the paper. Anna and I normally don’t ever say “no”, and we’ve been known to wear ourselves out and keep ourselves away from our families to please our clients. I love our clients, and I always want to make you guys happy, but I think that it would be really good for me to actually have a point where I am considered “booked”. And who knows, there may come a point when I decide that I can take on more than that, and in that case I will open up more appointments. So as of this point forward these are the major changes:

1. I will only be taking 4 photo sessions a week.
2. There will no longer be 30 minute sessions and hour sessions. A portrait session will be considered 20 minutes to 45 minutes, just depending on how things go. Sometimes we photograph babies who can’t last for more than 20 minutes, and sometimes we photograph families who want a lot of setting changes. There will just be one price for a portrait session. Engagement sessions, bridals, and seniors will have a separate price due to more time spent, as well as more edits.
3. I will be taking the entire month of July off from photography to spend with my family. My husband gets the summers off, and for the past 2 summers, any moment I had off from my day job, I was taking pictures. I feel like I owe it to him to spend some more time with my daughter and him.

I’m really going to miss having Anna with me during the a & c ventures. She’s always the bubbly, talkative one, and I’m always quiet, reserved, hiding behind the camera. I’ve always said she’s the yin to my yang with this whole photography thing. Not to mention that our car rides to and from the sessions are some of my favorite times!

She always believed in me and said that if I really wanted to, I could be a real photographer. And here I sit. 🙂
I’ve always believed in her, too. And I KNEW she’d become principal someday. And there SHE sits. 🙂

Thank you guys for always being so wonderful to us. We have the BEST clients. I know that you guys will miss Anna, too. But you’ll just have to deal with my quiet/awkwardness from now on. 🙂

M o r e   i n f o