a & c South Padre Vacation

A couple of weeks ago we got to spend a week in South Padre, and IT. WAS. AMAZING. We had the best time. We played in the ocean, went fishing, went to a water park, crab hunted, swam in the pool, ate delicious food, played board games, and the list goes on! The last time we went to South Padre, Elliott and Beckett were with us, but Finley and Bennett were little teeny tiny babies in our bellies! There’s something so magical about experiencing the beach with children, and watching all of their faces when the waves would come, or when the seagulls were near. We were so lucky that Gigi kept the babies a lot so that we could have more beach time. But we loved when Gigi would join us in the ocean, too! It was just an all around perfect vacation. Honestly, I’m not sure who had the most fun, our kids, or us!

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